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Double WiFi Light Switch & Auto Timer Kit Wireless Control Lamp Wall Plate

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Double Wireless (WiFi) Light Switch

PLEASE NOTE - Our smart wall light switches require a LIVE and a NEUTRAL feed when connecting to the mains. This will not work without a NEUTRAL feed connected.

Overview – Simply put, our WiFi switches are designed to directly replace your current light switch. For all intents and purposes, it still works the same, you can use your normal light bulbs & turn your lights on and off via the touch sensor on the switch. However, you can also control the switch wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet using the free App. You can also set multiple timers for the switch at any time of day and control this through the App.

Thanks to this switch running on standard 110V - 240V AC Mains, it can be used to control anything that runs on a mains power source in most countries. For example, you could set up TV’s, Audio systems, Outdoor lights etc on a timer and control exactly when those devices would turn on / off. Perfect if you don’t want devices being used at certain times (using these for anything other than lights may require some rewiring and we always recommend contacting an electrician if you are unsure).

Please see below for more details:

Key Features:

Alexa & Google Home integration – If you have either of these devices, you can integrate and control our switch via voice control through the Echo or Google Home hub.

Wi-Fi & the app – Our range of Wirelessly (Wi-Fi) controlled, energy efficient light switches can be controlled via your smartphone or tablet using our free lighting app. Unlike a lot of other switches on the market, ours are controlled via Wi-Fi, not Bluetooth meaning you can control the lights over a much greater range. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can control this kit. The app allows you to do the following:

Multi Zone – You can install multiple light switches into a room / zone and name that particular zone on the app, you can also set-up additional zones on the app if you wish (living room, kitchen etc…). You can then tell all of the lights in that selected zone to either turn on/off.

On/Off – The app lets you turn on/off connected lamp bulbs. You can still simply turn the bulbs on/off using your existing light bulbs.

Timer – Each switch can be set with a timer to turn on and to turn off. You can set multiple timers for different days in any number of patterns to suit you. All lights connected to a single switch will turn on and off at the same time.

Energy Efficient & Long Life – The WiFi control function of these switches take next to no power to run and are suitable for up to 100,000 switch cycles.

Sleek & Practical – Our Smart Home switches feature a screwless design and a high gloss white & Glass top finish. The switch is touch sensitive and also includes capacitive feedback. This means that the switch makes a click noise when the on/off switch is touched so you know exactly when you have used the switch.

Further information – We have tested up to 15 light switches on a single app across multiple rooms/zones with excellent results. If you wanted more, please let us know but this is usually enough for most domestic installations.

If you want more than 1 user with access, you can download the free app onto multiple devices. You can also set up a password on the app to stop any mischievous family members playing with your lights.

Technical Specification:

Input Voltage – 110 - 240V AC (mains)
Max Wattage Rating – 300W + 300W (per switch)
White Gloss & Clear Glass Finish
Operating -20 to +50°C
Touch Sensitive Switches

Dimensions (picture above) – Width x Height – 86mm x 86mm – 25mm Internal mounting depth

Free app download instructions supplied with kit (compatible with iOS & Android)

We also stock WiFi Light Bulbs & Blind / Shutter Controls.

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