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CAT6 SWA Steel Armoured UTP Cable Direct Burial Outdoor HDPE 23 AWG Copper

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£38.49 - £249.99
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Technical Features:

CAT6 Cable

Conductor Area CSA: 8 x 0.255mm² (23 AWG)
Conductor Material – Pure Copper (SOLID CORE)
No. of Cores: 8
Quality CAT6 4 pair network cable
UTP – Unshielded Twisted Pairs
Suitable for up to 1GB per second @ 100m
Plastic Cross Divider Separates Cores & Cuts Out Interference
Outer Diameter – 7.08mm
Material – LSZH


Material – Steel Wire
27 x Steel Wires @ 0.9mm
Protects further from interference and protects cables from being buried and also protects from future strikes from shovels, spades & drills ETC.

Outer Jacket

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Outer Layer – 1.44mm thick
Fully outdoor rated and suitable for direct burial
Total Outer Diameter – 11mm


Return loss >25dB @100m
Attenuation <45.3dB @100m
NEXT >74.3dB
PSNEXT >72.3dB
Phase delay <570ns

Suitable Cable Clips / Cleats – We sell cable cleats that can be purchased with this cable should you wish to wall mount the cable. Please search our shop for “Size 5 Cable Cleats” or get in touch for more details

Uses - This premium cable is commonly used for networking, AV installations and it’s perfect for Power Over Ethernet (POE) applications such as CCTV when a cable needs to be buried in the ground. It can be cut to length and fitted with 8P8C FTP connectors (CAT6 RJ45), the standard PC networking connector. Each twisted pair within are separated by a plastic “X” / Cross Divider which helps in areas where there is a lot of interference. The conductors are made from pure / bare copper and will supports data speeds of up to 1GB per second over 100m or less.

However, the biggest benefit of this cable is the SWA armoured feature. Beneath the fully outdoor rated outer sheath are 27 steel wires that coil around the internal CAT6 cable. This ensures that the cable is suitable for direct burial into the ground, into concrete & perfect for use in industrial environments where cables could be prone to damage. For example, it will be protected against strikes from shovels, spades & drills ETC.

Available in the following lengths – 100m, 50m, 20m & 10m

PLEASE NOTEStandard RJ45 connectors will NOT fit this cable, you will need CAT6 connectors. 50m, 20m & 10m lengths may not be supplied on a reel.

Made From - Pure copper conductors, this cable has been tested and is certified to the CAT6 specification and is perfectly fine for use over longer distances. It is also compatible with CAT5e and CAT5 applications.

Outdoor protection - This particular variation on CAT6 cable is designed for outdoor & underground usage, and as a result, comes with high density polyethylene insulation, designed to offer the core protection from cold and damp conditions. Should the cable be exposed to sunlight, the insulation is also UV resistant, where standard PVC insulation would decay. This layer of insulation & steel armour also means this cable is more suitable for being installed in the ground. This includes direct burial into earth, concrete or ducting

Ease of Use - To make measuring easy the cable is marked at 1 metre intervals.

Wiring - Depending on the application in which you hope to use it, the cable can be wired in both the ‘straight through’ or ‘cross-over’ configurations.

'Cross over' cables are usually used for connecting 2 computers directly to one another, without the use of a Hub or Router. They use 568-A wiring at one end, and 568-B at the other.

'Straight through' cables can be used for connecting a PC or games console to a Hub/Router, or, in conjunction with AV extender devices, for audio and video distribution throughout a home or commercial project. To create a 'straight through' cable, it should be wired using the same wiring variant at both ends. Either ‘568-A to 568-A’ or ‘568-B to 568-B’

Variants - The 2 wiring configurations for CAT5/CAT6 cable. TIA/EIA-568-A & TIA/EIA-568-B have no technical differences between them. However, they connect the wires to the connector in a different order.

Standards - ROHS Compliant & CE Compliant



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Balaji Srinivasan
Good quality

Good Quality SWA delivered in less than 2 days.

Jakob Bent
Great quality

Needed a cost effective SWA cable to replace cable that had been chewed by rats. They wont be getting through this any time soon!

Robert Spencer
Five Stars!!

Really heavy duty, just what you want for outdoor use.

Thomas Jones
Perfect for what I wanted

I have a router in my summer house & this allowed me to run the cable under my garden without having to worry about a spade hitting it.

Just what I needed

Wanted to run a length of cable to my garage, so it needed to be underground. This cable was the perfect solution.