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10 Speaker 5 Zone Background Music Kit Bluetooth Sound System Restaurant Bar

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Quality Bluetooth Amplifier (110W), 10x Black Speakers & Brackets Kit

Perfect for bars, restaurants, clubs, cafés, pubs, Hotels & Home

**Call us after ordering if you would prefer White speakers.**

What’s Included?

1x 110W Bluetooth HiFi Amplifier
10x (5 Pairs) 4" 70W Black Satellite Speakers – Wall brackets included
1x 5 Port Speaker Splitter (this provides 5 zones and maintains a true stereo signal)
100m reel of 1.5mm² quality speaker cable (CCA)
1x UK mains power cable
1x Instruction manual

What does it do?

This kit allows you to play music through all 10 speakers whilst maintaining a true stereo signal. The supplied speaker switch/splitter lets you split your installation into Zones. Allowing you to turn off certain rooms at the push of a button from the amplifier. Please see below for more information on each product in this kit. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Overview Amplifier:

Ideal when installed in a bar, restaurant or pub environment, this kit allows you to play music through the 10x 70W wall speakers. Perfect for background music during service or for transforming a dining area into a dance floor when the tables have been cleared away (providing the space isn’t too large).

This amplifier has a built-in Bluetooth receiver allowing you to connect any devices you have with Bluetooth (a smart phone with Spotify or a CD Player for example) wired/wirelessly. This is brilliant for keeping the amplifier hidden away in a cupboard. Your device would not need line of sight to play music through the connected speakers. Perfect for at home, in the office or shop and even for use in professional installs.

The Amplifier has several 2 RCA/PHONO inputs allowing you to connect devices that are not compatible via Bluetooth. It also has 2x Microphone inputs on the front of the unit, perfect for a karaoke night.

Equipped with bass, treble, echo, tone, mic volume and master volume controls. This amplifier is very capable for its cost and be used easily by a professional or amateur alike.

Overview Speakers:

Ideal for home cinema surround sound or Hi-Fi applications, these compact and discreet 2 way stereo speakers are supplied with adjustable wall mounting brackets and are available in either black or white.

Construction – Housed in a rugged ABS plastic casing with a subtle, yet durable mesh grille, these speakers will look stylish & discrete in most environments. Each enclosure contains a high quality 2” balanced polymer tweeter (double the size of most on the market) and a 4” surround woofer to produce a great sound for such a compact speaker.

Fitting – There is an adjustable mounting bracket on the back of each speaker allowing you to securely position each speaker where it needs to be.

1 Input to 5 Output Stereo Speaker Splitter Box

How it works - By connecting an amplifier to the splitter box you can distribute the sound up to 5 sets of stereo speakers (10 speakers in total). You can switch individual sets of stereo speakers on and off and you can use headphones via the 6.35mm output on the front of the splitter box.

General - This box has a metal outer case, rubber feet on the bottom and because the build quality is excellent, it is robust and durable. The dimensions are 260mm x 120mm x 54mm

Technical Specification:


6 selectable line inputs
1x – Bluetooth receiver (wireless)
2x – 2 RCA/Phono (red & white) inputs
1x – 3.5mm AUX jack
1x – USB media input
1x – SD Card media input

2x 6.35mm Microphone inputs - Allows you to use as a loud hailer / public speaking / singing System
1x FM Antenna Connections
2x – spring terminal / speaker cable (red & black) outputs
Built-in FM receiver
Sleek and compact design
Durable metal body with breathable air vents built in.
UK mains power cable supplied

Power Supply – 230V AC, 50Hz
Power output max per channel at 4 Ohms - 55W (per side)
Power output per channel at 4 Ohms - 35W (per side)
Power output Max per channel at 8 Ohms - 40W (per side)
Power output RMS per channel at 8 Ohms - 25W (per side)
Dimensions – 200mm x 65mm x 200mm (WxHxD)
Weight – 1700g


2-Way Speakers
Speaker Cable Connections
Max Power 8Ohm – 70w
Power RMS 8Ohm – 35w
Sensitivity (1m, 1W) – 87DB
Frequency Response – 100Hz-20kHz
Impedance – 8 ohms


Height 208mm, Width 140mm, Depth 120mm (Per Speaker)

5 Port Speaker Splitter

Resistors – Internal 100ohm resistors ensure the amplifier always sees a load, even with all switches turned off. However, it is good practice to ensure that at least one pair of stereo speakers are switched on before the amplifier is turned on. A progressive switched resistor network ensures that the resistance generated is always equal to that of the speakers, providing that every speaker being used is of the same resistance. For example, speakers that are made by different manufactures may be different resistances and they should not be used together with this device.

Speaker Cable

Blue line for polarity - easy connectivity (transparent outer insulation).
99 Strands with a 0.14mm diameter per core.
Area per core = 1.5mm² (AWG 16 Approx).
CCA (copper clad aluminium)
Outer diameter per core 3.1mm
Width of 2 cores combined 6.5mm (can be easily stripped apart).

Peace of Mind - Tested to CE and RoHS standards

Further Information – If you require a slightly different system, don’t worry, we sell lots of other kits and products and we can create a kit perfect for you – including outdoor kits for gardens and external events. Please feel free to get in touch and we will always do our best to help you.

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